Igor Taskovski

Igor Taskovski

Programmer. Creator.

Passionate about programming and problem solving. I love being able to help make someone’s life easier by pragmatically solving a pain point.

About Me.

My name is Igor and I'm a software engineer living in Chicago. I've been programming for more than a decade and hold a Masters Degree in Software Engineering.

I specialize in large scale web applications using popular frameworks, but enjoy working on projects of all types and sizes. My ability to adapt to new challenges and my strong passion with the latest development technologies can help you stay competitive and create value for your company. I understand your goals and expectations for professionalism as well as quality and my experience gives me a broader sense of what is best for your business.

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Fast Delivery

By splitting the project into deliverables, understanding the core needs and writing clean code, I can ensure on time delivery and happy clients.

Quality work

My top priority is to give my clients high-quality, professional deliverables. I stand by the quality of my work.

Constantly improving

I love challenges and puzzles and I am constantly learning and improving my skills.

More about me, and my life.

I spend countless nights learning, building, and growing my professional skills in the world of software development. I am highly motivated and very dedicated person.



Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.



You have to make something that pleases you and hope that other people feel the same way.



Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.

Skills & Abilities.

During the years I have worked for many clients on various projects using the following technologies:

Ruby on Rails


I believe that quality education is the foundation of one’s success in life, so I am pursuing a second MSCS degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a specialization in Computing Systems.


M.S. in Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

2021 - Present

M.S. in Computer Science

FON University

2011 June

B.S. in Computer Science

European University

2010 October

The Beginning of Time

Work Experience.

I have extensive experience in software engineering having worked within corporate and agency settings on various projects like billing systems, e-commerce applications, blockchain, IoT and various SaaS applications.

Senior Software Engineer - Tech Lead


As the team lead of the API & Messaging team at Brivity/Place, I played a pivotal role in the evolution of our platform. My key responsibilities and achievements encompassed: • Transforming the Brivity CRM, a substantial monolith, into agile microservices. • Upgrading legacy Python web services and maintaining existing Flask APIs. • Maintaining and later rewriting a complex Elixir application into Rails handling millions of transactions for property views/favorites. • Designing and building various microservices, including geotracking, IDX data, address validation and developing APIs utilized by various applications, including mobile platforms and data synchronization. • Tackling large datasets and devising scalable solutions, including database sharding. • Developing a robust Rails system capable of handling millions of messages from RabbitMQ to process property views and favorites data. • Architecting and deploying a synchronization service using Python Flask and AWS SNS/SQS, enabling multiple providers to access lead and transaction data within the Brivity CRM. • Conducting interviews for prospective software engineers at Brivity and assisting with their onboarding. • Mentoring junior developers within my team to foster their growth and skill development.

March 2021 - January 2023

Senior Software Engineer - Tech Lead

Rotary International

Working on various enterprise projects within Rotary, maintaining existing projects as well as helping Rotary build a new platform for their clubs and members which provide medicine, clean water and food supplies for developing countries.

Since February 2021, working as a tech lead for the Webops team, focusing on development, code review and deployments.

September 2019 - March 2021

Full Stack Developer


TThe projects focused on either healthcare or education with a few outliers. The project summary include developing various features for a social media/art marketplace platform, developing an online platform for selling cryptocurrency in Elixir, integrating payment gateway for Bitcoin using Block.io API, working on an application in the healthcare industry with Elixir and Ruby, developing features like real-time chat over web sockets, patient's case-notes used for reporting and invoicing, assessments, Python scripts for parsing CSV files, unit testing various components during development to detect and correct errors. Using Python's Pandas library to do data analysis on large data sets from a healthcare company. Working on a platform for certifying software engineers, designing the system for exams, architecting a new centralised system for managing exam sessions, building a exam report functionality and doing API integrations with a Java exam service running on another server. Providing help to new developers. Supporting the clients for bug fixes, deployment and code/infrastructure improvements to meet quality requirements. Learning a lot about the process of running a software consultancy firm as well as directly dealing with customer's requests and expectations, working under tight deadlines and improving self-discipline.

July 2017 - September 2019

Full Stack Developer

Pneuma Software

Working on multiple projects across a wide array of technologies including Rails, .NET, SQL, JavaScript, Vue.js etc. The projects varied from a custom internal leave management system to large E-commerce systems for clients. Tasks performed include development of a Leave Management System for internal leave management, working on a custom e-Commerce application consuming REST APIs on the backend for storing data, development of a new multi-language e-Commerce B2B system for a client, working on integration project in MuleSoft integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and various applications and APIs. Writing well-designed, testable and maintainable code by following modern coding practices to develop new features or fix existing application bugs. Integrating APIs, MuleSoft workflows and .NET apps with various APIs like Avalara API for tax calculation, JDE API (accounting software) and Acton API (marketing platform) using cURL. Supporting multiple projects for bug fixes, code refactoring and improvements to meet quality standards. Writing technical and end-user documentation for the developed code including deployment instructions. Providing knowledge transfer sessions to share what I learned from previous tasks.

July 2015 - June 2017

Software Engineer


Working in the Telecom department in Seavus, specifically in the Singleview Billing system application development team working for Tele2 Sweden. The position focused on developing new functionality in the billing system and writing SQL to generate reports for data usage, developing new functional requirements inside of the CSG Singleview system and optimizing performance of existing Singleview/Perl functionality. Performing analysis and development related to CB (Convergent Billing system) and development of new change requests which include new functions, customization and configuration using Singleview EPM, Perl and SQL. Development responsibilities included working with the main areas in CSG Singleview (Perl, XML, EPM, Unix Shell scripting, Oracle PL/SQL, CVS, SingleView data model, Singleview data migration and reports, billing and invoicing). Writing and customizing Perl scripts with complex Oracle SQL queries used to generate various reports in the system. Unit testing and integration testing the developed modules/components. Performance testing before deployment. Writing high level design documentation and operational procedures after developing new functionalities. Writing release notes containing the resolved issues, operational procedures and steps to be followed after installation. CSG Singleview Release Management, performing release packaging using the RelGen tool, deployment and installation for CB and CM releases using the command line on UNIX/Linux servers. Attending various training and knowledge transfer sessions used and improving technical skills. Following the scrum agile methodologies for higher productivity and better quality software.

November 2012 - June 2015

Developer / System Administrator


Developing new functionality for the ISP’s existing billing and user management system. After the company introduced TV service, I developed new functionality to support billing of the cable TV service. Developing a solution for Product/Warehouse Management for the personal needs of the company. Daily administration of CentOS systems including automation/updates, backups etc.

February 2012 - May 2012

Full Stack Developer / Dev-Ops


Development of applications using Ruby, Python and Elixir. Developing infrastructure as code with Ansible or Terraform on AWS or Digital Ocean using CentOS or Ubuntu servers. Recent projects include, Invoice Generating system in Python and custom travel agency tour booking system. Writing Python scripts for automation/reporting of specific tasks on Linux servers. Developing REST APIs to allow data import for exam sessions on client’s education platform. Writing Python scripts to export and manipulate data for the exams.

March 2008 - January 2019

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