Igor Taskovski

Igor Taskovski

Programmer. Creative. Entrepreneur.

Passionate about programming and problem solving. I love being able to help make someone’s life easier by pragmatically solving a pain point.

Hi. I ... love being challenged, feel excited solving a tough coding problem, love the satisfaction from writing elegant code, get a great sense of accomplishment and personal pride, and even if I didn’t get paid for doing it, I’d likely do it anyway.

About Me.

Hello! My name is Igor Taskovski and I'm a software engineer living in the beautiful, busy city of Chicago, USA. I have been programming for more than a decade and hold a Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering.

I specialize in large scale web applications using popular frameworks, but enjoy working on projects of all types and sizes. My ability to adapt to new challenges and my strong passion with the latest development technologies can help you stay competitive and create value for your company. I understand your goals and expectations for professionalism as well as quality and my experience gives me a broader sense of what is best for your business.
Feel free to contact me if you need help with your next project.

Fast Delivery

By splitting the project into deliverables, understanding the core needs and writing clean code, I can ensure on time delivery and happy clients.

Quality work

My top priority is to give my clients high-quality, professional deliverables. I stand by the quality of my work.

Constantly improving

I love challenges and puzzles and I am constantly learning and improving my skills.

More about me, and my life.

I spend countless nights learning, building, and growing my professional skills in the world of web development. I am a highly motivated and very dedicated person.



Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.



You have to make something that pleases you and hope that other people feel the same way.



Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.

Skills & Abilities.

During the years I have worked for many clients on various projects using the following technologies:



I believe that quality education is the foundation of one’s success in life.


Information & Communication Specialist Degree

FON University

2011 June

Bachelor of Software Engineering


2010 October

The Beginning of Time

Work Experience.

I have extensive experience in software engineering having worked within corporate and agency settings on various projects like billing systems, e-commerce applications, blockchain, IoT and various SaaS applications.

Full Stack Developer


Working for multiple clients on various projects with different technologies, like blockchain related project featuring a social network/marketplace for cryptocurrency trading, internal SaaS projects, e-commerce application for selling art, online testing platform for software engineers, medical application with real time chat and others. Using Elixir/Phoenix, PHP (Laravel and Yii) and Python for existing applications and developing new projects in Elixir/Phoenix. On the front-end, I am exposed to JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js and Elm.

July 2017 - Present

Full Stack Developer

Pneuma Software

Development of a Leave Management System for handling internal company leaves using Laravel. Development of a custom e-Commerce system based on Wordpress with a site-specific plugin using AngularJS based frontend talking to a .NET REST API. Development of a new multi-language e-Commerce B2B system in Magento for a local client with features like custom registration with an approval flow for business owners, product quotes, job management platform and many other features.

July 2015 - June 2017

Singleview/Perl Developer


Singleview application development/maintenance for Tele2 SingleView Billing environment (CSGi SingleView Billing platform - Mobile Billing System) which involved application maintenance, bug fixes and development of new SingleView functionalities. The position focused on developing Perl scripts for additional functionalities/reports of the Billing System, developing new functional requirements inside of Singleview system and improving/maintenance of existing Singleview/Perl functionality.

November 2012 - June 2015

Php Developer/DevOps Engineer


Developing new functionality on the ISP’s existing billing and user management system in Laravel. Develop web based solution for Product/Warehouse Management with the use of Laravel for the personal needs of the company. Daily administration of CentOS systems including automation/updates, account creation, backup of the systems etc. Install and manage virtual CentOS boxes, configure SSH key based authentication and installing/configuring the necessary software.

February 2012 - May 2012

Freelancer (Full Stack Developer/DevOps)


Development of web applications using Laravel, Wordpress Development/Maintenance, new Wordpress Theme/Plugin development or customization. Configuring the infrastructure to host these applications using AWS or Digital Ocean with Ansible and CentOS. Recent projects include, Invoice Generating system in Laravel 5 and custom travel agency tour booking application in Laravel 5.4 and VueJS. Writing Python/Perl/SHELL scripts for automation/reporting of specific tasks on Linux servers.

March 2008 - Present

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I live in Chicago, USA